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Looking for Roughcasting Ayrshire services? DM Homeshield offer competitive roughcasting prices per square meter in south Ayrshire. At DM Homeshield, our experienced team of expert rough casters are on hand to help you with any roughcasting project you require.

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    Professional Roughcasting in Ayrshire

    At DM Homeshield, no roughcasting job in Ayrshire is too big or too small. Rendering or Roughcasting can be used on the external walls of your property in order to form a decorative, watertight feature. Our professional roughcasting services can help give your home the refreshing new look it needs, as well as both improving & maintaining your home.

    Using only the finest quality materials, our Ayrshire roughcasting services will give you piece of mind. Our highly trained professional roughcasters will take the time to speak with you and gain a good understanding of your requirements.

    With competitive prices and a reliable service, look no further for roughcasting services in Ayrshire!

    Have a look at our Ayrshire Plastering & Joinery service pages to learn more how we can help you with any plastering & joinery jobs.

    roughcasting job in ayrshire
    roughcasting in ayrshire

    Although roughcasting dates back to 16th century construction methods, it is inherently suited to the sustainably-minded, modern consumer with its ultra low maintenance nature. As was outlined above, roughcasting the exteriors of your property in Ayrshire can have long-term, cost saving benefits for you and the environment. Instead of repainting your house every few years, pummelled by Scottish coastal weather, you can have peace of mind that your investment in roughcasting will give you decades worth of utility and protection.

    In addition to the environmental and bank balance benefits that roughcasting offers, DM’s expert team can also customize your roughcasting to fit beautifully with your home’s existing colour scheme and aesthetic. Roughcasting can look as modern and sleek as you desire, with natural decorative aggregates (like shells, stones, and glass) available to choose from in different colours, sizes, materials and shapes. Although roughcasting helps you avoid a regular paint job, if you decide over time that you want to switch up the colour of your Ayrshire property, roughcasting can easily be painted over.

    A service tailored for you

    If you’re looking for roughcasting solutions in Kilmarnock & the best roofcasters Ayrshire have to offer, DM Homeshield’s team of expert professional roughcasters are here to help. Our full range of rendering & roughcasting solutions include, Contemporary silicone & acrylic renders, Mineral renders, Polymer plain renders, Polymer cement dashing renders, Brick effect renders, Brick slip systems, External wall insulation (EWI), Traditional lime harling & lime wash, all at competitive prices.

    Contemporary Silicone Roughcasting

    Our Ayrshire plastering services include Silicone rendering. A self cleaning, flexible render which is durable and reliable. Cracking on this render is less likely.

    Brick Rendering

    With our brick rendering service, you can expect the lifespan of your walls to increase by up to 20 years. This is because professional rendering essentially helps prevent any dampness, and moisture from wall damage. This massively contributes to home insulation.

    External Wall Insulation

    Help keep your home warm and cosey all year round. Our external wall insulation service will help contribute to the health of your homes walls, increasing their lifespan. Contact our Ayrshire roughcasters today to find out more about our services and completed work.


    DM Homeshield use their expert workmanship to help address whatever roughcasting job they are contacted to tackle. This can involve being brought in to totally redo the existing roughcasting on an old, worn out exterior; or roughcast for the first time; as well as taking a more targeted approach to specific areas of roughcasting that need urgent attention. Check out some photos of our previous roughcasting jobs to get a feel for what we can do for you.

     Perhaps the construction of your home, long ago, did not lead to brickwork on the outside that you are happy with. You can only create a first impression once. So for your visitors to be wowed by your property, roughcasting can be layered over shoddy brickwork that you wish to conceal. This is much cheaper and quicker than tearing down any unsightly brickwork. DM’s customers in East Ayrshire love the transformative effects roughcasting has on their homes external walls.

    Especially near the coast, roughcasting gives your home increased water shedding properties that you would not have otherwise.

    For professional roughcasting in East, North or South Ayrshire in Scotland, DM Homeshield would love to do the job. Use our decade worth of experience carrying out roughcasting jobs on countless Ayrshire properties to your advantage. Reach out with any queries you may have and we will certainly have an answer. Our FAQs may help with some more general questions in the meantime!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of roughcast?

    Roughcast is a traditional type of render, which provides great protection against the weather, especially in areas which are more exposed, or coastal areas. When compared to a smoother render, roughcast has many advantages. Thanks to it's heavier texture, external rendering creates a much larger surface area that helps towards moisture absorption.

    What does a rough caster do?

    Roughcasting is the process of mixing small rocks into concrete or plaster in order to give exterior walls a rough finish. A rough caster will come out to inspect your building, before making a judgement on what materials are best to use for a mixture, before applying.

    What's the difference between Render & Roughcast?

    The main difference is between the mixing process. With render, the process involves applying clean material to a freshly applied surface. This means that the colour of the material is visible when applied. With roughcast, this material is firstly mixed with mortar before being applied to the surface.

    The DM Approach

    We believe it is this customer-centric approach that ensures that DM Homeshield enjoys exceptionally high levels of repeat business time and time again. We are proud of our “word of mouth” recommendations from our delighted customers to their family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

    If you are a homeowner, management company, or commercial business and you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, large or small, please contact us and we will provide you with a prompt “no obligation” fixed price quotation following a visit to your property.